Sonix Mixing & Mastering Suite

A one stop resource for everything from music production to post production and music licensing for film, television and video games.

When you book your mastering in with us, you have the peace of mind that it’s being looked after by a professional, who’s been mastering day in and day out, for years, if not decades. We listen to each song individually, and carefully appraise what can be done to make your track sound as good as possible.

At Sonix, when your music enters our doors, it is treated with the highest level of care and attention. After all, your music is unique and deserves to be treated that way.

Phone: 07709 875720

Brief and Testimonial

I was asked by Robert to design his new website showcasing his experience of mixing and mastering and the ability to let his clients hear his work by integrating Soundcloud.

Custom web design
Graphic design
Sound gallery of previous work
Soundcloud integration

Completed: 16th April 2013

To Follow:

Robert Adams

Managing Director, Sonix Mixing & Mastering Suite

Need a poster, flyer, business card, brochure or banner designed?

Restaurant & Cafe Menus
Posters & Banners
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Letterheads & Invoices
Brochures & Presentation Folders

I have created loads of websites for new businesses.

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