Abstract Colourist

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Abstract Colourist – Colourful Abstract Art by James Mackie

My Art Website. I also love drawing and painting and have sold work for around 20 years. Most of my artwork goes to marketing companies for display in hotels and restaurants and have had the odd celebrity purchasing a few paintings.

My paintings primarily come from my travels, from the diversity of the architecture to the vibrancy of colours I associate with different cities. I love Barcelona, Joan Miró and Gaudi, the hustle of New York and its buildings and the works of Kandinsky, Basquiat, Klee and Picasso, and their interpretation of colour and shape that inspire so much of my work.

Phone: 0141 573 8596
07968 106196
Email: info@astractcolurist.co.uk

Designing my own art site

I used a video slider of coloured smoke to give it the modern abstract feel, linked my blog to all my social media sites and integrated Paypal to sell my artwork online.

WordPress Content Management System
Fully responsive for all devices
Image Gallery of artwork
Blog linked to social media sites


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