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ByAshley – Hand Poured Coconut Wax Melts

By Ashley wax melts are very easy to use and have a great scent throw, all you need to use is a melt & warmer. You can get a vast range of melt warmers that come in all shapes, designs and colours, there’s also a choice between tea light candle warmers and electric warmers.



I was recently tasked by a client named Ashley to design a website to promote her new venture into hand-poured wax melts. The main objective of the project was to create a distinctive and eye-catching ecommerce website that would effectively showcase Ashley’s products and brand identity.

To achieve this, we decided to go for a simple 2-color scheme that would make Ashley’s products standout and as part of my services, I also provided professional photography services to capture high-quality images of her products.

The e-commerce platform was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with features such as a shopping cart, checkout process, and secure payment gateway. I also included product descriptions, pricing, and images to provide customers with all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

I was then able to create a website that effectively promotes Ashley’s brand and products while also providing an engaging and memorable experience for the website’s visitors. I’m confident that the website will help Ashley’s business grow and thrive.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience working with Ashley, and was delighted to have been a part of her new venture.


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