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Claire Kennedy Art

Claire Kennedy is a contemporary painter and mixed media artist living in Glasgow. She paints full time and has exhibited in various galleries throughout Scotland.

Largely self-taught, she works primarily in acrylics, exploring layered and textured effects and often incorporating an image of black and white photography as a final printed layer. When not painting, Claire loves walking her dog Farley and taking photographs of her surroundings. It is usually during those walks, whether in city or countryside, that inspiration strikes for the next series of paintings!



Claire approached me with a specific vision in mind: she wanted a minimalist, clean portfolio website that would allow viewers to appreciate the true quality of her artwork. To bring her vision to life, I embarked on a process aimed at showcasing her artwork at its finest while maintaining its quality.

My solution involved the creation of a sleek and uncluttered gallery with an enlargement feature, providing viewers with an immersive experience. This feature allowed users to seamlessly navigate through Claire’s complete gallery of work, ensuring they could fully appreciate her artistic talent.

In order to enhance the overall user experience and adhere to the principles of a clean and professional design, I integrated content text, imagery, and subtle animations. This strategic blend of elements culminated in a website that not only highlights Claire’s extraordinary artistry but also delivers a seamless and engaging platform for her audience.

Claire’s artistry is truly remarkable, and it was an absolute pleasure working with her to bring her vision to life. I have no doubt that her talent will continue to flourish, and I wish her every success in her artistic endeavors.


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