Pilates Reform Studio

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Pilates Reform Studio

We are a boutique Pilates Reformer Studio in South London. Whether you’re a complete beginner or at an advanced level; require injury rehabilitation or want to improve sports performance, the Pilates Reformer Studio will have something for you.

Our aim is to make Pilates and its associated benefits accessible to everyone, regardless of age and ability. We are dedicated to creating a fun, supportive and encouraging environment for getting your body into shape.

Address: 2 Gunnery Terrace, Cornwallis Road, Royal Arsenal, London SE18 6SW
Telephone: 07389755319
Email: info@pilatesreformstudio.co.uk
Website: pilatesreformstudio.co.uk


I was asked by Gemma and Ellie to design their new website promoting their new venture.  I designed a distinctive, clean website using 3 colours. It has a sharp, modern style with the ability for book directly from the site using acuity Scheduling.

WordPress Content Management System
Fully responsive for Mobiles and Tablets
Booking Integration
Image customisation 


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